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The Improver Group guides teams and individuals to greater purpose and productivity through  content, community, and coaching that equips them to reach their maximum potential.


We guide faith-driven professionals to improve in life and business. 


Meet Our Team

We're a mix of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and coaches ready to serve leaders serious about their growth, impact, and success. 

Justin headshot

Justin Winstead

CEO & Co-Founder

Meet our team members

We're a mix of pastors, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and coaches ready to serve you.

Justin headshot

Justin Winstead

CEO & Co-Founder

Growing up in a rural area and with meager means, Justin could have easily given up on his goals. Instead, he chose to use his circumstances as motivation to create a better life for himself. He pursued an education, attended seminary, and started his own successful business. Justin's story is an inspiration to anyone who has faced adversity in their lives, showing that with a clear purpose and a productive mindset, anything is possible.Today, Justin is a leader in his field, having sold his successful insurance company to pursue his passion for coaching and consulting full-time. Through the Improver Group, Justin is helping other faith-driven business owners and leaders to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. His insight-focused coaching, consulting, and training has already helped countless individuals and companies to be better versions of who they were meant to be.

Melissa McCasland headshot

Melissa McCasland

Experience Director
and Coach

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Darin Hollingsworth,

Solutions Advisor
& Coach

Darin Hollingsworth recently joined the Improver Group with 26 years of leadership, development, and teaching experience at a mega/multi-site church with both students and adults. Darin is passionate about creating healthy leader soul care rhythms, development, and organizational systems. The future of faith-driven leadership has never been more challenging and needed.  Darin loves spending time in the outdoors with his family.  You can also find him running, playing sports, hunting, fishing and being constantly challenged (and occasionally tortured) by the discipline of archery.

Sean Keller

creative director & storyteller

Sean started his first business at 17 years old crafting video stories for non-profits, marketing agencies, and SMBs. He is an award-winning storyteller, creative director, and entrepreneur, and he's honed his artistic spirit for 12+ years to now be Improver's in-house creative and storytelling expert. Sean has deep faith in Jesus, an infectious love for chocolate chip cookies, and a wild obsession with the wilderness.